I have 2 objects, i created a approval process on 2nd object my requirement is on approval i need to update a field in first object,

Please let me know is it possible or not.

  • How are the two objects related? – martin Mar 8 '17 at 1:17
  • now those two having lookup relation 1st object parent and second object child, – prasad nagamalli Mar 8 '17 at 1:21

In the approval process on Object 2, in the final approval step

  • Use a Field Update to update some field Foo
  • Define the Field Update to re-evaluate workflow rules - very important
  • Use a Process Builder flow on Object2 that sees if Object2 has changed and has a new/expected value in field Foo. The action can then update the parent Object1.

You have to use Process Builder as Worklfow (except in rare cases like Case Comment->Case) can't update related records


I believe that you need to have a master-detail relationship for a child to update fields on a parent object with a field-update workflow rule. Cross-Object Field Updates

You could come up with a work around where you set a field on the child object, and then use a trigger to set that value on the parent.

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