If I have a visualforce page embedded in a lightning component. How can I fire a lightning event in the visualforce page and then handle it in the lightning component?

In my Visualforce page i already included this function:

<apex:includeLightning />
     function fetchselectedvalue(){
                var myExternalEvent;
                myExternalEvent = $A.get("e.c:GetAddressInfos");
                myExternalEvent.setParams({"CityValue": document.getElementById('{!$Component.CityValue}').value});

Where GetAddressInfos is the name of my event. But it's not working.

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  • Create a Lightning Component that wraps your VF page
  • Use postMessage() to send a message from the VF page to the Lightning Component
  • In the message handler of your wrapper component, create and fire your application event

See this blog post for details.

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