I am getting an error Email, but i am not able to locate the issue. As per the email the record (a0m15000007MtkEAAS) is causing the error but I think there is something else and not this record causing error.

[breadwinner_qbo__Opportunity__c is lookup to opportunity]

Error mail screenshot : https://unsee.cc/dabezotu/

My best guess is for record a0m15000007MthRAAS is the wrong object Id and is getting assigned instead of something like 006.... The record being assigned is 00k1500000NFqSv.

I am I correct? Is there anything else wrong? Also if i am correct then why does the email says record a0m15000007MtkEAAS is causing this failure?


You're correct. The error...

breadwinner_qbo__Opportunity__c is Lookup to Opportunity

... means that you have a field, breadwinner_qbo__Opportunity__c that has a Lookup relationship to the standard Opportunity object. However, in your Flow you're setting the value of that to a different object so it's throwing an exception.

This is easy to fix, just set the value of breadwinner_qbo__Opportunity__c to that of an Opportunity it should reference.

also if i am correct then why mail says record (a0m15000007MtkEAAS) is causing this failure?

We'd really need the full error and maybe have a more detailed view of your flow. If I had a guess I would say that your record a0m is executing the flow and trying to assign 00k to a Lookup that expects 006 (Opportunity).

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