I am trying to understand the difference between Feature Licenses and Permission Set Licenses.

From the documentation, it seems both licenses entitles user to access an additional feature that is not included with their user license. If that is true, I was wondering why salesforce has to come up with two versions? Why can't it just be feature license or Permission Set License?

Would appreciate your insight.

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On the surface, you're correct and both extend the access a user has to the platform. But they do it in different ways.

A feature license just grants a user access to a specific feature. You either enable it or disable it in the user's profile and that's it.

Permission set licenses grant more granular control because the user needs both a permission set license giving them the right to use a feature or certain features and a permission set describing what they can do with it.

There's validation involved when assigning the permission set to user. So if I create a permission set with permissions that requires a specific permission set license I cannot assign the permission set to a user unless they also have the related permission set license.

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