wondering if this statement would ever work.

I decalred attribute at top of page

<aura:attribute name="groupTracker" type="String"/>

and on an aura:if i wish to set the following

<aura:set attribute="{!v.groupTracker}" value="{!stand.Audit__r.Group__c}"/>

If this is not possible, looking for any kind of variable handling I may be able to use in the .cmp

Edit: 2017-03-08 The whole reason for the above was to build a dynamic datatable in .cmp, So after many futile attempted I found the above extremely challenging and the aura:set does not assign a direct value it works more on attributes of objects...(something like that). My solution in the end was handling my Objects in the controller and rebuilding the datatable in a neat layout as below.

Group     Name     ID     Subject

          Tan01    SS2    TanAndSata
          Tan02    SS3    Tan2Sata3
          SamIs    Not    AtHome
          Test1    22     theEnd

For now thats the best I can do :( quite sad but hopefully as I learn ill maybe update with a better solution.

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