I'm not understanding how to add Position History to the Related Lists area. Here's what I've done:

  1. From Setup I've clicked Create > Objects > Position > Page Layouts > 'Edit' Position Layout
  2. From there, in the little floating edit box, I've clicked Related Lists and I expect to see 'Position History' but it is not there.

I've looked around for a lot for answers and I think my confusion arises partly because I don't totally understand what related lists are or where they come from. Any help is greatly appreciated, cheers!



I think in your case, what you need to do is enable the Track Field History feature for the Position object. You can do this by:

  1. Open Setup
  2. Click Create > Objects > Position
  3. Click Edit to edit the object settings
  4. Mark the Track Field History checkbox (screenshot below).
  5. Click Save. The Position History related list should now appear as an option when you're editing Position page layouts.

enter image description here

A related list basically gives you a quick view into child records tied to the record you're looking at. For more information you could search for "parent-child relationship database" or take a look at the Wikipedia page on hierarchical database model.

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