Below is my Apex Class.

public class OptySaleTaxCalcController {

    public List<Account_Address__c> AccountaddressList;
    public AcctSeedERP__Sales_Order__c salesOrder;

    public OptySaleTaxCalcController (ApexPages.StandardController controller) 

I want to call its constructor from another class. I am trying like below but it errors out. What am I missing?

OptySaleTaxCalcController controller1 = new OptySaleTaxCalcController (new ApexPages.StandardController());

I get this error:

Error: Compile Error: Constructor not defined: [ApexPages.StandardController].() at line 11 column 79

  • What's the error? Your class is called OptySaleTaxCalcController yet you're calling a new Opportunity object? – Dan Jones Feb 27 '17 at 17:41
  • just updated my original question – Maneesh Feb 27 '17 at 17:47

You've got it backwards; the opportunity needs to be passed to the standard controller:

ApexPages.StandarController controller = new ApexPages.StandardController(new Opportunity());

From there, pass it to your class:

OptySaleTaxCalcController customController = new OptySaleTaxCalcController(controller);

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