I am using Xcode 5 (and also have 4.x installed), I have installed the Salesforce SDK for iOS (V2) by following the instructions on GitHub, e.g., clone the repo and then running the install.sh which seemed to have completed successfully as I can open the project workspace in Xcode 5 and run the app in the simulator and on my device and it works well, which allows me to edit account records etc. HOWEVER, I have watched a tutorial from DF 12 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_cTeuHRWRo) and in the tutorial, the user was able to select a few Salesforce templates when opening a new XCode project. I don't have this option, I can only see the normal templates, e.g., MasterDetail, Single View etc. from the "Choose a template for your new project" screen. My question is: how so I get the templates to show up in the template screen when starting a new project?

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The current version, 2.0, of the Mobile SDK moves away from the Xcode templates in favor of the forceios/forcedroid command line tools for project creation. These tools are installed via npm - for example, on the Mac:

sudo npm install forceios -g

You then create a Mobile SDK app with

forceios create

You no longer need to pull the code from GitHub unless you want to modify the SDK. See the Mobile SDK Development Guide for more info.

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