I am getting problem in understanding a issue given by security scan.

The problem is :

[Not able to understand CRUD Delete result path 2:]

I am not pasting the whole code but the essential lines:

public with sharing class C62AccountsPayableController {

public VendorInvoiceWrapper cSelVI {get;set;}
public List<VendorInvoiceWrapper> viList{get;set;}

 public class VendorInvoiceWrapper{
        public List<Vendor_Invoice_Line__c> delete_lines{get;set;}

 public void saveVI(){
   for(VendorInvoiceWrapper vi : viList){
   if(Schema.sObjectType.Vendor_Invoice_Line__c.isDeletable())                             {delete cSelVI.delete_lines;}

Anybody have idea about it why its giving issue in this line.I am thinking its because of list I am passing to delete.But still why it would be an issue to pass a list.

  • What issue you you are facing ? could you please add more details here! or exactly what issue has been reported by security scanner? Commented Feb 27, 2017 at 10:57

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You can report it as a false positive, although I can't figure out why you are still receiving the issue even though you have added a CRUD check.

Please look at this question this might help you:-
Security scanner: enforcing CRUD. Auto scanner reported issue


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