Im a VF developer just getting into Communities. I have created a couple of Communities off of the Napili template, but I was looking for other templates to play with.

In the Dreamforce keynote and other articles, I keep seeing pictures and mentions of 3rd party Bolt templates that will be available. I cant find them. Is this a License issue, or are they just not out yet?


Leveraging their rich industry knowledge, more than 10 partners have created Salesforce Bolt solutions for some of the most popular use cases across multiple industries. In addition, a new Lightning Bolt category on the AppExchange will allow the thousands of partners in the Salesforce ecosystem to not only develop, but market and sell Salesforce Bolt solutions. Here are two mentions

I also cant find the Bolt section of the AppExchange.



enter image description here

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According to the Release Notes:

Package Lightning Bolt Solutions More Easily

Availability of Lightning Bolt solutions on AppExchange is postponed until a later release.

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    If this link answers the question, please cite relevant content here. Links can break over time, so when a link constitutes the entire answer it's less durable in the long run.
    – Adrian Larson
    Mar 9, 2017 at 19:18

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