I am trying to create a data extension that houses ampscript within it.

Within the email itself, I've placed this code just after the open body tag:

Var @orgname, @short
Set @orgname = "Company Name"
Set @short = "Company"

Within the data extension, one column has the following text:

I really want %%= v(@orgname) =%% to contact me. Thank you %%= v(@short) =%%.

So with the preview function, it yields:

I really want Company Name to contact me. Thank you Company.

But I'm not able to get this to work. What am I doing wrong? Is this even possible?


You'll need to wrap the column data variable in a treatascontent() function to force the AMPScript to get evaluated:


var @col1

/* DE lookupRows code here */

set @col1 = field(@rows,"col1")

DE field with AMPScript: %%=treatascontent(@col1)=%%
  • Thank you, this was challenging and helpful. We were able to figure it out. I posted my example below yours for other's to reference. – JMStelter Mar 2 '17 at 16:00

For anyone who happens to come upon this question, we were able to figure this out:

%%[ VAR @orgname, @delookup, @subkey, @short 
SET @orgname = "Company Name" 
SET @short = "company" 
SET @subkey = [Subscriber Key] 
SET @delookup = Lookup("NameofDE", "ampscriptnametogohere", "Subscriber Key", @subkey) ]%%


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