I have following validation rule.


ISCHANGED( Inhuurpartij__c ),


NOT(ISPICKVAL( Job_Contract_Type__c ,"External")),

NOT(ISPICKVAL( Job_Contract_Type__c ,"Freelance"))

) )

I tried to write it all ways I know but it is still fired, when I try to change Inhuurpartij field, while Job Contract Type is External or Freelance. Anyone any idea?

  • Last condition is always true. If you write OR(NOT(X=a), NOT(X=b)), and X is a, then second will be true => result is true. if X is b, then first condition under OR is true, and result is true as well. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Morgan's_laws – kurunve Feb 24 '17 at 8:31

It should be:


ISCHANGED( Inhuurpartij__c ),


ISPICKVAL( Job_Contract_Type__c ,"External"),

ISPICKVAL( Job_Contract_Type__c ,"Freelance")

) ) )

In your original validation rule, the Job_Contract_Type__c was always going to be either not one of the values or not the other, so it would always evaluate to true.

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