Need help to write a test for the below trigger

trigger GFP_Update on ContentVersion (after insert) {

    if(trigger.new.get(0).Title == 'TestWebservice.csv'){


        //Make a @future method to update records
  • Please post the code of Test class you have tried so far. – Nachiket Deshpande Feb 22 '17 at 11:18

You should create an ContentNote or ContentVersion record in your test class and that would automatically create a ContentVersion record, hence, firing your ContentVersion trigger.

Sample code to create a ContentNote record is

// Insert a ContentNote record  
ContentNote cn = new ContentNote();
string body = 'Hello, World!';
cn = (ContentNote) TestFactory.createSObject(new ContentNote(Title='test note1',Content=Blob.valueOf(body.escapeHTML4())));

insert cn;
System.assert([Check the results you are expecting from your GPF_Parse CSV class here]);

and Viola!

P.S. TestFactory is a test data generation class and you can find tons of examples on the internet on that.

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