from my understanding Iframe is not supported since spring 2016. My question is this: im trying to call softphone from salesforce, by creating a call center, and visual force page with the openCTI functionality. but how can I call a third party software if Iframe is not supported in salesforce anymore.

Based on salesforce: 'It functions in conjunction with an iframe offered by salesforce.com to embed 3rd party call control/ softphone applications.'

my code is taken from link to sample code


Maybe the link below will help you:

Canvas Apps and Visualforce Pages

In addition to standard canvas apps, Force.com Canvas also lets you expose a canvas app on a Visualforce page. This means you can display a canvas app anywhere you can display a Visualforce page.

Developers can use Visualforce pages to:

  • Override standard buttons, such as the New button for accounts, or the Save button for contacts
  • Override tab overview pages, such as the Accounts tab home page
  • Define custom tabs
  • Embed components in detail page layouts
  • Create dashboard components or custom help pages
  • Customize, extend, or integrate the sidebars in the Salesforce Console (custom console components)

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