I'm following the instructions under Get Started with the Apex Debugger. I'm up to the point where I create a Permission Set for the debugger user to enable the "Debug Apex" permission under System Permissions. Except I can't see that permission.

Do I need to do something else to access it?

Without it the Force.com IDE fails with the following error. (Which I assume is directly related to the permission I can't set)

Your user doesn't have the permission to debug Apex.

I've tried to configure this permission from both a LMA login and direct login as the System Administrator in the sandbox.

The Start Partner Debugging Session button does appear in the Apex debugger setup page. It generates a forceide: link with a valid session ID.

There isn't much to go on in the Force.com IDE Log Viewer. There is a message:

(DebuggerConnectionException) nnot connect to the remote server (Open log file for full message and/or stacktrace).

This entry doesn't appear in the force-ide.log file.

Note that this corresponds to the Debug Apex Code in Subscriber Orgs Spring '17 feature.

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The required permission isn't called "Debug Apex" as it currently appears in the docs. Rather it is

Permission Name: View and Debug Managed Apex
Description: View the Apex code in your packages, and debug code with Apex Debugger, when logged in to subscriber orgs. Limited to code in Managed - Released packages.

This permission should be assigned to the user in the LMA org rather than the subscriber org.

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