I have been using JSON.parse() function to deserialize JSON object, It is not working for special characters. For example, if the JSON contains a date it being converted as 2012/04/18 instead of 2012/04/18. As per the info in this site https://success.salesforce.com/issues_view?id=a1p30000000wkAIAAY there is a function $A.util.json.encode() to serialize. I'm searching for function to deserialize a JSON in controllerJS.

Search :  function(component, event, helper) {
    var searchtext  = component.find("searchtext").get("v.value");
    var model       = component.find("Model").get("v.value");
    var brand       = component.get("v.Brand");
    var subcategory = component.get("v.SubCategory");
    var category    = component.get("v.Category");
    var page    = component.get("v.pageIndex");
    var Size    = component.get("v.pageSize");

    var action = component.get("c.KnowledgeDocs");
    action.setParams({"brand" : brand,
                      "model" : model,
                      "category" : category,
                      "subcategory" : subcategory,
                      "searchText" : searchtext,
                      "pageNumber" : page,
                      "pageSize" : Size});
        var responses = result.getReturnValue();
        if(component.isValid() && result.getState() === "SUCCESS"){
            var response = JSON.parse( responses );
            console.log($A.util.json.encode( response ));

Apex Class

public static string KnowledgeDocs(string brand, string model, string category, string subcategory, string searchText, integer pageNumber, integer pageSize){
    CCService.PublicationSearchRequest searchParams = new CCService.PublicationSearchRequest();

            new CCService.Attributes(CCService.FILTER_CRITERIA_BRAND, brand, eqCondition.name()));
            new CCService.Attributes(CCService.FILTER_CRITERIA_MODEL, model, eqCondition.name()));
            new CCService.Attributes(CCService.FILTER_CRITERIA_CATEGORY, category, eqCondition.name()));
            new CCService.Attributes(CCService.FILTER_CRITERIA_SUBCATEGORY, subcategory, eqCondition.name()));

        new CCService.Attributes(CCService.FILTER_CRITERIA_SEARCH, null, containsCondition.name(), searchText, 'OR'));

   /*dosearch makes an rest call and returns body from the response*/

    CCService.PublicationSearchContent publications = CCService.doSearch(searchParams);
    return Json.serialize(publications);
  • What does your Apex controller look like? What does KnowledgeDocs() return?
    – Folkert
    Feb 17 '17 at 12:14
  • @Folkert KnowledgeDocs() returns a JSON string.
    – Venky
    Feb 17 '17 at 12:58
  • Can you post the code for the controller as well? Does it serialize the JSON based on an Apex Class or did you build it yourself using string concatenation?
    – Folkert
    Feb 17 '17 at 12:59

You can take a look on System.JSON class that has various methods for serializing and deserializing. (salesforce also has other kinds of json support). You might need a round trip to server though.

  • thanks for quick response, but do they work in ControllerJS of the lightning component as in Apex Class. Please take a look at my code just updated my post.
    – Venky
    Feb 17 '17 at 12:01

By using this component I'm getting the required output.

<aura:unescapedHtml value=""/>

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