I am trying to create a pushtopic to listen to the CaseComment object. Typed the following in the ApexExec:

PushTopic pushTopic = new PushTopic();
pushTopic.Name = 'CaseCommentTopic';
pushTopic.Query = 'SELECT Id FROM CaseComment';
pushTopic.ApiVersion = 36.0;
pushTopic.NotifyForOperationCreate = true;
pushTopic.NotifyForOperationUpdate = true;
pushTopic.NotifyForOperationUndelete = true;
pushTopic.NotifyForOperationDelete = true;
pushTopic.NotifyForFields = 'Referenced';
insert pushTopic;*

I get the below error:

"System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: INVALID_FIELD, 'CaseComment' is not supported: [Query]"*

Can someone please help me understand why this error occurs

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This is just because its not supported, you can find reference here

The following are examples of supported SOQL statements.

  • Custom object

    SELECT Id, MyCustomField__c FROM MyCustomObject__c
  • Standard objects (may include custom fields)

    • Account

      SELECT Id, Name FROM Account WHERE NumberOfEmployees > 1000
    • Campaign

      SELECT Id, Name FROM Campaign WHERE Status = 'Planned'
    • Case

      SELECT Id, Subject FROM Case WHERE Status = 'Working' AND IsEscalated = TRUE
    • Contact

      SELECT Id, Name, Email FROM Contact;
    • Lead

      SELECT Id, Company FROM Lead WHERE Industry = 'Computer Services'
    • Opportunity

      SELECT Id, Name, Amount FROM Opportunity WHERE CloseDate < 2011-06-14
    • Task

      SELECT Id, Subject, IsClosed, Status FROM Task WHERE isClosed = TRUE

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