I have different recordtypes for the Order object, and the line items (OrderItem) need to show different fields depending on the Order recordtype, yet I can't seem to do this. It allows me to create different page layouts for the OrderItem, but how can I choose which OrderItem layout to display depending on the Order recordtype?


You can reach Order RecordType and click on Page Layout Assignment button.

order recordtype

It will open this page

Edit Assignment

Now click on Edit Assignment and assign the page layout respective to profiles.

Assign Page Layout

  • Hi Santanu - I need a different page layout for the OrderItem, depending on the Order. I already have different record types for the Orders, and a page layout for each, but they all use the same OrderItem layout, and that's what I can't figure out. – Irene Feb 13 '17 at 21:43
  • Yes, we cannot manage different layouts based on recordtypes for order lineitems, only we can change the order layouts – Santanu Boral Feb 13 '17 at 21:50

This is not possible at the present time -- recordtypes on Order Product (OrderItem). Nor is it available on QuoteItem or OpportunityLineItem

What SFDC is trying to get you to do is avoid the overloading of the line item SObject with multiple meanings and custom fields for various flavors.

The line items are supposed to be SKU (product code) - quantity - price. What makes one line item different from another is the SKU. Hence think of the Product2 as the way to flavor your line item with different characteristics.

For example, fields on Product2 like Is Returnable? or Is Refundable? or Is Fulfilled by. These can be used to in reporting on line items w/ products as well as in any apex or formula logic you need.

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