Our company currently has several businesses utilizing one Salesforce org. Most need to have the reference Id placed in the Subject and Body; which is how it is globally setup. We have one business that would like to utilize Email to Case, but cannot because they DO NOT want the reference Id in the subject line; they mainly deal with customers regarding sales questions.

Is there a way, declaratively or programmatically to remove the subject reference id or "hide" it based on a profile or email template?

The option to make the change globally is off the table.

Thanks for your help!


  • an plausible answer would be to remove it from subject for everyone in E2C Settings, then for the BUs that want threadId in the subject, add it back in the email templates they use - it is a field available to the email templates or can be constructed as a custom formula field – cropredy Feb 14 '17 at 6:42

If I could understand that when the case is getting assigned to specific user or queue for these kind of specific cases, then

Option 1)

Process builder to handle this scenario.

  • Start the process only when record is created/edited.

  • Specify suitable criteria

  • Update Case record based on checking owner's condition (Here you can leverage formula to identify specific owner type)

  • Finally strip off the subject (using formula)

Option 2)

Write a trigger on Case on afterInsert operation and based on queue name or assign's user's role or profile, you can update the Subject of the case.

If you already have a trigger on case then you can handle through trigger otherwise go by Process Builder.

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