On a given object s_object__c i have a very long picklist with many values [picklist_val_1,picklist_val_2,picklist_val_3...etc]. These values are availible to some record types and not others (record_type_1, record_type_2.. etc).

I can find how to get a list of each picklist value available per record type, but I cannot find out how to get the reverse.

Is there somewhere on the metadata api I can get a list/table/csv along the lines of...

| _picklist_val_ | record_types |
| picklist_val_1 | record_type_10, record_type_16 |
| picklist_val_2 | record_type_10, record_type_99 |
| picklist_val_3 | record_type_12, record_type_16 |

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I don't believe this is currently possible with a single Metadata API call (as at Spring '17).

Instead you will need to get all the RecordType records and the associated picklistValues. Then build up a Map from each PicklistValue back to the RecordTypes it is used on.

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