If I have a component in my markup that may at some point be deleted (like a modal), it seems I have 2 solutions:

-Set the facet attribute to []

myParentComponent.set("v.myFacet", []);

-Call the destroy() method of this component


Is there any difference between the 2 solutions, either in terms of speed or memory management ?


As per the document, Component.destroy() is used to avoid the memory leaks for the components which we do not add them as a facet or to the body.

For the components which are added as a facet or to the body, framework takes care of destroying them if they are no longer available in the mark up.

  • If you are using facet you may set it to '[]' and the framework will destroy the component for you. – Vijay Apr 9 '17 at 23:55

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