I have the written the query below to return two values. I have also check the DE to ensure that it has the correct data types. Unfornately, the query is not returning any values:

M.EmailAddress  EmailAddress 
,M.PersonHasOptedOutOfEmail PersonHasOptedOutOfEmail


MasterSubscriberDE M

JOIN  [4DaySend] F

ON M.SubscriberKey = F.SubscriberKey


PersonHasOptedOutOfEmail = 'False'

Here is a screenshot of the Data Extension:

enter image description here

I know its a very basic query but I seem to be missing a trick and stumped by this. Help will be much appreciated.

  • If you run it in an automation does it get an error or run successfully? – Adam Spriggs Feb 13 '17 at 15:18
  • And why are you not referencing the DE to which you are joining? – Adam Spriggs Feb 13 '17 at 15:18

Boolean values can be represented with 1 or 0. Assuming the there's not always going to be a match in 4DaySend, I'd do something like this:

M.EmailAddress  EmailAddress 
, M.PersonHasOptedOutOfEmail PersonHasOptedOutOfEmail
FROM MasterSubscriberDE M
LEFT JOIN  [4DaySend] F ON (M.SubscriberKey = F.SubscriberKey)
WHERE m.PersonHasOptedOutOfEmail = 0

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