I need some help and i am a little confused.

I have the following field Delivery_Date__c which is the datatype of Date/Time. I know i can extract the date and time separately within my email body, but what i would like to do is extract the date from this field for the subject but really struggling to find a way to do this.

This is my current opening

<messaging:emailTemplate recipientType="Contact"
    subject="Schroders – Shipping to: 
        {!relatedTo.Delivery_City__c} – {!relatedTo.Delivery_Date__c}"
    replyTo="abc@test.com" >
    <messaging:htmlEmailBody >  
  • 1
    {!DATEVALUE(relatedTo.Delivery_Date__c)}- does this helps?
    – Raul
    Feb 13 '17 at 10:51
  • 1
    You Sit a legend :) I used datetime lol
    – Masond3
    Feb 13 '17 at 10:56
  • Adding it as an answer, to help others facing similar issue!
    – Raul
    Feb 13 '17 at 11:25

Visualforce has some OOTB Date and Time Functions, you can use any one of them as per your requirement.

For date, use:

DATEVALUE- Returns a date value for a date/time or text expression.

For date time, use:

DATETIMEVALUE- Returns a year, month, day and GMT time value.

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