I've tried using an AND condition in my remote object. I keep getting an error. Here is what I have based on a help article. It works when there is only a single condition. Once I add two it doesn't work.

// On my VF page
// <apex:remoteObjects >
//    <apex:remoteObjectModel name="Group" fields="Id,Name" />
// </apex:remoteObjects>

    var queue = new SObjectModel.Group();
    var criteria = {
                    where: {
                      Name: {like: event.target.value +'%'},
                      Type: {eq: 'Queue'}
    queue.retrieve( criteria, function(err, records, event) {
      if (err) {
      var records = event.result.records;
  • What error are you getting?
    – sfdcfox
    Feb 12, 2017 at 23:55

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I presume you're getting the following error:

Invalid criteria specified for retrieval. ValidationError [code=11, message=Data does not match any schemas from "oneOf", path=/where, schemaKey=null]

You can only specify fields to filter if they are specified as part of the remoteObjectModel. You need to change your code as follows:

<apex:remoteObjects >
   <apex:remoteObjectModel name="Group" fields="Id,Name,Type" />

As a side note, it's not necessary to assign event.target.records to a variable; that's what the records variable returns anyways.


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