I have tried to download notes and attachment for a custom object under donot get the option to filter notes and attachment for a particular object.

  1. Login to http://dataloader.io with your login to Salesforce, it use SSO
  2. Click "New Task" and select "Export" button
  3. Select Attachment object, click Next
  4. You can select just the Body field, or with some fields, or all fields
  5. Click "Save & Run"
  6. Wait the process

Is there any other way to export the notes and attachment for a particular object

  • one parent custom object example "VOB" Feb 10 '17 at 20:57
  • Warning: related objects exports are only available for Batch API Feb 10 '17 at 21:11

I've done this using workbench.developerforce.com using the soql query functionality, and selecting the 'export as bulk CSV' option.

You can write a query along these lines

Select ID from attachment where parent id in (select ID from yourobject__c)

I've only used this technique to extract name, file type, etc. I am not sure if you could get the actual body of binary attachments. Should work for notes also.

Depending on data size you could run into limits on query results, so you may need to add filters or limits or try a different approach depending on what you run into.


You can export all notes and attachments using open-source sfdx-hardis plugin command

  • First, define a files export

sfdx hardis:org:configure:files

When prompted for SOQL request, you can input SELECT Id,Name FROM MyCustomObjectX__c

  • Then, run the files export

sfdx hardis:org:files:export

More details in this article

enter image description here

Disclaimer: My company authors sfdx-hardis plugin

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