I have a conceptual question:

When sending to a Data Extension, the contacts sent to are automatically added to All Subscribers by their Subscriber Key.

As far as I understood, no other fields from the DE are mapped to the All Subscribers list.

I noticed that, in my case, there are several fields from the DE appearing in All Subscribers after sending the email.

So my question is: how/why does Marketing Cloud map these other fields to All Subscribers?

Is there a way to remove any of these fields?

I'd be glad to provide any additional details if required.


Are you're talking about triggered sends that are updating these "other fields" (Journey Builder sends are triggered sends)?

If so there's a configuration setting for the account (a "Business Rule") that allows this behaviour. It uses a "soft mapping" based on the field name of the field in your DE to the attribute. If the field in your DE matches the name of the Profile Attribute, the triggered send updates the profile attribute as it sends.

This behaviour isn't possible with Guided Sends or User Initiated Sends (shakes head angrily).

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