I am importing data via a CSV file. Everything is working except the date field. In salesforce I have created a date field in Accounts for the incoming data. When I use the import wizard and I get to the Accounts section I have chosen the proper column in the CSV file. But when the import completes and I view the Accounts section of Salesforce the date fields are all blank. What do I need to do to import the date fields?

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    How are you importing? Through the UI? Using a tool? What date format are you using now that doesn't seem to work?
    – pchittum
    Aug 27 '13 at 23:31

with the default data loader the standard date/time format is


but if you use Jitterbits data loader(FREE) (http://www.jitterbit.com/solutions/salesforce-integration/salesforce-data-loader/) it allows for a few more datetime formats including

mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss   (note should be in 24 hour time)

Important gotcha is that you set your timezone settings inside the jitterbit preferences, i assumed it used the time zone settings of the user connecting and was burned a few times.

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