I recently started looking into GraphQL as I have been experimenting with ReactJS. In all my readings I have not really seen anything about GraphQL and Salesforce. I am wondering if there would be any benefit in using GraphQL when developing a visual-force page within SF?

I can't seem to find any articles about that, I was wondering if someone could enlighten me as to the piece of the puzzle I may be missing.

Would having a GraphQL engine between your visual-force page and your apex controller yield any benefit or would it just be unnecessary fluff?

  • what's your actual requirement behind using GraphQL, Are you working on a complex and complicated data layer, which you want to bring on VF? – user2809299 Feb 9 '17 at 4:31
  • I really like the data scheme that GraphQL uses and since I usually end up with data being pulled in a variety of component on my VF pages I was wondering if GraphQL made sense to use in SF. @user2809299 – Tekill Feb 11 '17 at 22:36

GraphQL is an open source data query and manipulation language meant to provide a more efficient, powerful and flexible alternative to REST and ad-hoc web service architectures.

In practice it acts as an abstraction layer between a client (web, mobile, etc) and a backend (REST or database). The intent is to unify and abstract all communication between these components.

Exposing Salesforce REST services in GraphQL and querying them from a Javascript client included in VisualForce would only introduce an unnecessary and under-performing layer because you can directly access code from the controller.

But there are other use cases where GraphQL may prove beneficial in conjunction with the Salesforce REST services: - a backend where web or mobile clients need to access both Salesforce REST APIs, a database or other unrelated REST APIs.

You can start using this schema https://github.com/jpmonette/salesforce-graphql and enrich it with your Salesforce objects.

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  • oddly enough, it's actually way faster to build a VF page that uses the REST API (vs VF postback & viewstate) – NSjonas Feb 7 '19 at 7:37

There is a native Salesforce app/package called Maven Integration Platform providing GraphQL fully on Salesforce (by extending REST API).

Listing on: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxListingDetail?listingId=a0N3A00000G965nUAB

Documentation: https://docs.mavenmule.com/maven-integration-platform

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    Are you in any way affiliated with this offering? Please edit your post to indicate if you are, or even if you aren't. – Adrian Larson Jul 22 at 13:58

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