I am fixing all the test classes start with IT_ coverage in my org.

The failed class is already covered by some other handler class. So its now 80%.

Now i want to re-set all class to 0 to test my test class able to cover. It happen only when i click edit and save the original class.

is that possible to re-set all class coverage reset to 0 at once?

i tried service console to write a simple code on ApexTrigger and apex class object and update statement but DML not allowed on this [Tooling API checkbox enabled].

update ([SELECT Id, Name FROM ApexTrigger WHERE Name LIKE 'IT_%']);

Any suggestion.


Go to Apex Test Execution and once you get through any dialogues, you should get a screen that shows a list of all executed tests labeled Apex Test Results. It will have a button on it labeled "Clear Test Data". Click on that to clear your results for individual Test Classes. The screen shot below is from an org with Lightning Enabled.

Apex Test Results Screen Capture

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