I have a custom field in my managed package with "Reparentable Master Detail" option as unchecked. I want to enable this option. Is it possible to do the same with PATCH release of my package? I know patch release has few limitations but not sure about this one.


Following changes are possible after the package is Released:

  1. Label
  2. Description
  3. Length (increase or decrease)
  4. Precision (decimal places)
  5. Scale Required or Not Required
  6. Cascade Delete checkbox
  7. Sharing Restricted Delete (Lookup)
  8. Re-parentable Master Detail checkbox
  9. Picklist strictly enforced checkbox
  10. Formula field text
  11. Related List Label
  12. Summary Filter
  13. Help Text
  14. Mask Type
  15. Mask Character
  16. External Data Entity
  17. Lookup Filter Options
  18. Auto Number Display Format
  19. Field Default Value

Same things applied to patch orgs also. There is no difference. Changes in patch org never reflect in main release org.

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