I have 3 objects.

Event, Invite & Attendee

Event - > Invite (one Event to Many Invites) Master Detail relationship Invite has event details

Attendee - > Invite (one Attendee to Many Invites) Master Detail relationship Invite has Attendee details

Now I want to fetch Attendee from Invites which belong to a particular meeting i.e, fetch Attendee details from Meeting details.

Parent --> Child --> Parent

Is this possible. Please Help.

I used the following Query. It is fetching me all the Attendees irrespective of the meeting.

List<Attendee__c> attns = [select id,name,Attendee_Email__c,Country__c ,(select id,name,Request_Status__c from Invites__r where Meeting__r.name=:meetName) from Attendee__c];

Please help .

Thank you.

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    you can create 2 queries and try to match those considering invitees in a map Feb 7 '17 at 5:58

Based on the Event fetch Invitees.

Map<Id, Invites__c> inviteeMap = new Map<Id,Invites__c>([SELECT Id, Name, Request_Status__c 
                                                        FROM Invites__c 
                                                        WHERE Invites__r.EventId =:EventId]);

Now, based on the Invitees, retrieve Attendees.

List<Invites__c> lstInvitee =   [SELECT Attendee__r.id, 
                                        FROM Invites__c 
                                        WHERE Id IN:inviteeMap.keySet()];
  • Thank you . But after this also we are fetching list of Invites only. I want to get Attendee objects and use them for update, edit etc. Can this be acheived using the attendee fields in the fetched invite?
    – Paps
    Feb 7 '17 at 9:28
  • Like to change attendee name, if I change Attendee__r.name field in the Invite, will it work? Thank you
    – Paps
    Feb 7 '17 at 9:29

What @Santanu Boral has told in comments is a good way to do it. Have 2 queries and then match using apex.

However, if you HAVE to use a single query for this, you can do the below:

List<Attendee__c> attns = new List<Attendee__c>();
for(Invite__c inv : [select Id, Attenee__c, Attenee__r.Name, Attenee__r.Attendee_Email__c, Attenee__r.Country__c from Invite__c where Meeting__r.name=:meetName])
    Attendee__c att = new Attendee__c();
    att.Id = inv.Attenee__c;
    att.Name = inv.Attenee__r.Name;
    att.Attendee_Email__c = inv.Attenee__r.Attendee_Email__c;

You have your list of Attendees in attns


Use this query to fetch Attendee from Invites which belong to a particular Meeting :

List<Meeting__c> meetList = new List<Meeting__c>([Select name from Meeting__c]);
List<string> meetName = new List<string>();

for(Meeting__c obj:meetList){

List<Attendee__c> attns = new List<Attendee__c>();
attns = [Select id, name, Attendee_Email__c, Country__c from Attendee__c  where ID IN (Select Attendee_lk__c from Invites__c where Meeting__r.name=:meetName)];
  • Used this. attns = [Select id,name,Attendee_Email__c,Country__c from Attendee__c where ID IN (Select Attendee_lk__c from Invite__c where Meeting__r.name=:meetName)]; It is not fetching any results
    – Paps
    Feb 7 '17 at 9:50
  • Getting an empty list
    – Paps
    Feb 7 '17 at 9:51
  • @Paps Check edited answer. Let me know if any query. Feb 7 '17 at 11:07

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