We had some old admins accidentally move some data around and it changed the values in a User Lookup on one of our custom objects.

I can recover the history of the field, but a lot of the users are no longer with the company and have been deactivated.

I have a solution that would re-activate a user, re-assign the records and then deactivate the user in a single script. But I want to confirm that as long as I do this User by User and stay under our license count I won't be billed for the users I toggle on and off.


You should be good. As long as you stay under your license count you're fine. SFDC won't allow you to exceed the limit


You don't have to reactive the users, with Audit Fields and Update Records with Inactive Owners checked, admins can update owner and sharing-based fields on records with inactive owners. UI won't let you to select inactive user, you have to use data loader or any other tool.

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