I am trying to map a custom object's CreatedDate to another custom object's custom date field. But I am getting this error:

Illegal assignment from Datetime to Date

I am doing something like this:

Assume that I assigned a variable already to Object1__c, and I want to map the value of its CreatedDated to Date__c field of Object2__c.

Object2__c ob2 = new Object2__c();
ob2.Date__c = ob1.CreatedDate; // error here

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You can get the Date value from a Datetime instance by calling the date() method:

obj2.Date__c = obj1.CreatedDate.date();

If you're calling this method on a Datetime instance where you are not sure if it can be null, make sure to add a null check:

obj2.Date__c = (obj1.CreatedDate == null) ? null : obj1.CreatedDate.date();

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