What is a listing of all Salesforce standard profiles as they relate to the Metadata API? The names do not match the user interface in Salesforce.

When performing a bulkRetrieve of all profiles in a new developer organization, the files retrieved do not match those of the standard profiles.

Example target for ant:

 <target name="bulkRetrieveProfile">
    <sf:bulkRetrieve username="${sf.username}" password="${sf.password}" serverurl="${sf.serverurl}" metadataType="Profile" retrieveTarget="${sf.dir}" batchSize="${sf.batchsize}"/>

When pulled, only standard profiles are listed, with the exception of three custom profiles that Salesforce makes. System Administrator will not be listed in the directory pulled, which is a standard profile.

Example output when performing a FINDSTR on the directory of the bulkRetrieves (note System Administrator, as the Salesforce UI lists, is not included):

Output of standard profiles


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Here is a listing of all standard profiles and their license key definition and their corresponding metadata API Name, when performing a retrieve:

Standard Profiles

Unfortunately SFSE does not have markdown for tables so I have added as a picture to preserve formatting.

Developer documentation for metadata API and profiles

SOAP API documentation for User License Key


We can find the API name(FullName) of Profile using Tooling query, eg:

SELECT Id, Name, FullName FROM Profile WHERE Name = 'System Administrator'

Some std profiles:

Standard User: Standard
Contract Manager
Marketing User: MarketingProfile
Solution Manager: SolutionManager
System Administrator: Admin

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