We have a working AMPscript that is hosted on a landing page that updates Salesforce records with information generated within Marketing Cloud.

Is there a way to trigger the AMPscript to run in an automatic way when needed?

We cannot use a query activity as we are actually updating a salesforce record.

Ideally we would like to know if there is a real-time and/or batch solution to this problem.


Marketing Cloud doesn't have AmpScript automation activity but you can make use of Server-Side JavaScript Activity to run timely manner in Automation studio.

Also, if it not enable in your account then reach out to support team.

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While the combination of SSJS and Adam Spriggs comment about using it combined (which is awesome) would be my option of choice, if you need a hacky-solution for a small volume of data, you should be able to use the AMPscript in an email that you send to a generic email address or to e.g. the record owner and there notifying him via email.

You would need to modify the AMPscript lookup criteria, and this will only be a recommended option for small data amount (e.g. 5 a day per record owner)

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