playing around with Winter14 and struggling with QuickActions describeQuickActions


the Preview Docu for DescribeQuickActionResult mentions the describeQuickActions to get this type, yet I cant find any more details on the method.

Has anyone input on this?


The prerelease Apex Code guide has a few topics, including a page on DescribeQuickActionsResult instance methods for retrieving information about the action such as type of action, size, name of canvas app or visualforce page.

I attempted to get a working link, but since this is sitting in early pre-release right now, none of the document locations that I was able to find created reliable links.

So, here's how to find it.

  1. Go to the HTML version of the pre-release guide.
  2. Click on Search.
  3. Enter "describeQuickActions" in the search box and click Search.
  4. I found one result here. Select that. And on that page is the link for the DescribeQuickActionsResult instance methods.

This answer will need to be updated post-GA

  • thanks for the feedback. but how do I actually get an instance of a DescribeQuickActionsResult, its returned by the 'describeQuickActions' method, yet I cant feed any details on the describeQuickActions method at all – Seb Wagner Aug 24 '13 at 12:59
  • I see what you mean. Some fiddling around with the Dev Console didn't yield anything. Just copied SalesforceDocs on the tweet for this. – pchittum Aug 24 '13 at 22:39

Got feedback from @salesforcedocs

describeQuickActions takes as its argument a list of action names & returns a list of QuickAction.DescribeQuickActionResult objects.

QuickAction.DescribeQuickActionResult[] result = QuickAction.describeQuickActions(new String[]{Schema.Account.QuickAction.NewContact})

This is an old question, but for the sake of any who stumble across it later, here's the documentation for the QuickAction class.

To get a list of available quick actions on an object or the Chatter tab:

// Called for Account entity.
List<QuickAction.DescribeAvailableQuickActionResult> result1 = 

// Called at global level, not entity level.
List<QuickAction.DescribeAvailableQuickActionResult> result2 = 

To get details on a specific action, see the documentation for DescribeQuickActionResult.

An example: get all the rows in the default global "New Lead" action:

QuickAction.DescribeQuickActionResult[] results = QuickAction.describeQuickActions(new String[]{ QuickAction.NewLead });
for (QuickAction.DescribeQuickActionResult res : results) {
    for (QuickAction.DescribeLayoutRow row : res.getLayout().getLayoutRows()) {
        // Do something with each row

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