I have created a Program in MC which has 2 steps, Data Extract activity and File Transfer activity. It ran successfully and I am new and not sure how to access the file. The file location is 'Enhanced FTP' and can anyone tell me how to access that FTP location.enter image description here

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File Locations are defined in the Administration section. The base "Enhanced FTP" is typically the Import directory. You can create another File Location for the Export folder, which is where you extract file will be.

I typically rename them to "Enhanced FTP - Export" and "Enhanced FTP - Import" when working in a new account.

FTP Accounts are also defined in the Administration section.

  • Thanks. Now my file is available in the new Export folder that I created but I am not able to download to my local directory. If I directly give .zip in filename, it's erroring. Any idea?
    – Amulya
    Feb 3, 2017 at 16:53

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