I am building new communities site using Napili and struggling with the menu items. I dont see how to create a child menu item for one of my top level items. I am sure at one point I saw an option to link to parent category but now for some reason I dont see any way to do this. Documentation talks about site map but also I dont see an overview section where I can view or modify the site map

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This feature is delivered in the Spring'17 release:

Customize Community Navigation with Nested Menu Items

The new Menu Label type in the Navigation Menu component lets you create parent headings for your navigation menu and nest items underneath. Nested navigation menu

Nested navigation menu

Add a menu item, and set the type to Menu Label. Nest other menu items underneath by dragging them to the right under the menu label.

You can’t nest navigational topics under menu labels.

Navigation Menu component in Community Builder


You can create sub topics in the community management got this .

Under the navigational topics you can add a child topic for each of the parent topic .

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