Can we use process builder or trigger to update parent object field called Date1 with specific child record name and type occupancy deadline date whenever deadline date is added on child record name and type called Occupancy ?

Is it possible with Process Builder? I tried process builder but could not get it to work.


Yes, You can update. Refer the below example to solve your issue.

Step 1 : Select Child Object & Related functionality

enter image description here

Step 2 : Set criteria for execution

enter image description here

Step 3 : Select parent record and update record

enter image description here

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Yes this is feasible. As with the Process Builder we can Update any related records.

Steps as below.

  1. Create a Process builder on child object
  2. Add Criteria with Child Object field saying ,

    Field : Deadline

    Operator : IsChanged

    Value : True

  3. Add Action as,

    Action type : Update Records

    Record Type : [Parent Object Name]

  4. In the Set New Fields section, Select

    Field = Parent Deadline Date

    Type = Reference

    Value = Childs DeadLine Date

The same goes with the other fields mapping.

-- Regards

Sharan Desai

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