My senario is when i select one picklist field A and value 1,and Another picklist field B and value 2 after selecting these two picklist value a value 3 should be populating in multipicklist field.Can we do this formula and how.All fileds are picklist so which field we can make formula field.Plz reply..


You can do this in Apex with code like:

if (record.Picklistone__c == 'value1' && record.Picklisttwo__c == 'value2')
    Set<String> vals = new Set<String>(record.MultiPicklist__c.Split(';'));
    record.MultiPicklist__c = String.Join(vals, ';');

For whatever reason, in formulas you are not allowed to treat a multi-picklist field as a single text field, so I'm not sure if something similar could be implemented via regular formulas.

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