In custom report link, I can substitute the values in the filter using pv0, pv1 & so on....

but what if my filter rules include cross filer ? Will I still be able to use pv0, pv1 etc.

E.g. Expire date equal 01/10/2016 --> pv0
And customer without member cards
issued date less than 01/01/2016 --> pv1 ???

How do I create a report link that can include cross filter ?

thanks in advance

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Reports dynamic parameter pv0, pv1..etc supports the Report filter.

We cannot substitute Cross Object Filter by those values.

For example, below report has 2 filters, First one on Account Name and Second one in Last Name which under cross object filter "Accounts with Contacts".


After, trying to substitute those values by pv0=AB&pv1=Mill through parameter, the Last Name filter still showing blank.

report param


Please follow my instructions on how to Passing Variables to Joined Reports in JavaScript - all you need from there is to look at the screenshot, and follow zachelrath's instructions how to get runReportJson string from here. You would prefer parsed Form Data parameters with values. Next, account filter and cross filter with subfilter from Santanu Boral's answer should be looking like this: ?pv0=AB&ptable0=ACCOUNT_ID&ocond0=w&rtable0=Contact&rtablecol0=Account&sfpc0_0=LastName&sfpn0_0=co&sfpv0_0=Mill - as you can see it always has the same parameter names, so you have to look at Form Data for your report and replace the values with what you find in there.

Note As Daniel said in his blog post, you have to resave your report without cross filter to have it working.

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