Need to amend a report from my predecessor that will show all the tasks which are created by a user but not assigned to them (and vice versa) e.g. Created by MR A and Assigned to MR B - NEVER Created by MR A and Assigned to MR A or Created by MR B and Assigned to MR B

Is there a simple way to do this without typing the user's names in the 'assigned to equals' and 'created by not equals to' filters on the report? (there are quite a few users and is also hard to manage if adding/ removing manually!)

N.B. All users do belong the same role for this report

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This approach can work

  • Add a new checkbox formula field on Task, called Is_Assigned_to_Creator__c
  • Formula is CreatedById = OwnerId
  • Change the report filter to look for Is_Assigned_to_Creator__c = false to find all Tasks assigned to someone other than the creator. Use additional filters for specific usernames
  • Perfect! Works 100%
    – TheAdmin
    Commented Jan 26, 2017 at 16:06

I am afraid that it is not possible yet to compare a field to another field in Salesforce reports. But you can upvote the following idea of improvement:


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