I have a visualforce page that has links in it, but those links are specifically set to target="_blank", and they open new tab in Aloha interface, but in Lightning Experience they open the links in same browser tab and redirects user to that link.

Is this a bug in Lightning Experience? And is there a workaround to open a new tab for Lightning Experience?

My anchor link is pretty much very simpler:

<a href="/<recordid>" target="_blank">Open (New Window)</a>

This would open new window in Aloha environment but not in Lightning Experience.


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I don't know if you found the solution, but I got in the same situation, and I noticed when we pass the full url it opens in a new tab or window.

<a href="https://test-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com/<recordid>" target="_blank">Open (New Window)</a>

Also, I noticed that if we pass an underscore in the begin, it will open a new tab as well.

<a href="_/<recordid>" target="_blank">Open (New Window)</a>
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    '_' in href attribute isn't required i believe. <a href="/<recordid>" target="_blank">Open (New Window)</a> worked for me. Dec 28, 2018 at 7:44

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