I have installed a round robin record assignment (Un managed package) application from app exchange and now I woud like to modify the code to have this work only for logged in users in salesforce.

I have tried retrieving the session info from "Authsession" object but I could see a multiple sessions opened for a user But I am not sure whether a user is currently logged in or logged out and also I could see the sessions disappear for a particular user if and only if he logs out only through the logout option other wise if he simply closes a tab then that user sessions still exist under sessions management (our ORG has a session time out set to 12 hours).

Also, how can we know that a user is logged out from salesforce ?

Any thoughts would be really appreciated...!!!! Thanks in advance ..!!!


In my understanding you cannot modify the code (Apex, visualforce) of package installed from Appexchange

if you access an Apex Class that is installed from Appexchange you can see this :

enter image description here

and for the logged out users, you can find the answer in those links :

Stackexchange answer 1

stack exchange answer 2

AuthSession object

  • Actually its a unmanaged package and we can modify the components. – vamshi krishna Jan 25 '17 at 18:53

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