I'm building an internal community for my client and I am trying to add knowledge articles to it. I have published two articles and then add them to relevant navigational topics.

Logging in the community I can access the article :

first step

When clicking on the "Explore articles" I get redirected to the navigational topic I added the article to. However there is no article displaying in the article tab of the topic (see below) :

enter image description here

Do you guys know how to fix it ?




You need to add the article under Content Targeting to the Topic or Subtopic for it to show up. Make sure you have your Data Categories ordered and the article you want is found under the Data Category(s)


I recently started using this free package to manage my community search, the interface editor allows me to pretty much create tabs for most of the Standard Objects and Custom objects created. enter image description here

enter image description here

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