I have created a flow on one of my environment and I am calling that flow on custom button by providing correct url. Now problem is when i click on the button,the url is referring Lightning url rather than salesforce url. I have checked the process automation setting and found that "Enable Lightning Runtime for Flows" is enabled.I have disabled the setting and flows now refer classic url.

But when I enable this option and run the flows in classic UI then it display below message: enter image description here

It is not returning url that was returned in classic UI.

I have to manually click on back button and see my changes.Not sure what needs to be done here..

  • Have you looked at the controller for your flow(s) to see what the finish URL is for them?
    – crmprogdev
    Commented Jan 24, 2017 at 18:50
  • @crmprogdev below are the url of the custom button: /flow/UpdateProductCompetitor?OpportunityId={!Opportunity.Id}&retURL=/{!Opportunity.Id} so when I click on button,ideally it just refresh the page navigate back to Opportunity record but If I checked "Enable Lightning Runtime for Flows" then it just display the message as Flow finished that I mentioned in my screenshot but do not navigate back to Opportunity record.I did not face this issue a month before.Looks like my org has installed Winter 17 updates that could be the reason it opens flows in lightning.
    – SFDCDJ
    Commented Jan 24, 2017 at 19:10
  • Might want to try adding "no override=true" to that retURL string.
    – crmprogdev
    Commented Jan 24, 2017 at 19:18
  • I've seen a few posts indicating that retUrl is not working in flows w lightning runtime enabled. Haven't dug into it yet but will update w links to success when I'm back at a desk.
    – gorav
    Commented Jan 24, 2017 at 20:00
  • 1
    @gorav So this is actually an issue.The only workaround I am able to see here is to create a VF page and call it in Custom Button which increases the design.But anyways I have raised a case with salesforce to see if there is any other workaround than VF & disabling the seeting 'Enable Lightning Runtime for Flows'.Will update you soon on this.
    – SFDCDJ
    Commented Jan 25, 2017 at 7:04

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After raising the case with salesforce,instead of providing me the possible workaround they have just provided the bug number 'W-327172'.After doing some analysis I have found possible workaround that works both in classic as well as lightning.We need to create a VF page that calls visual flows and in VF we have to mention the return url.

<apex:page standardController="Opportunity" >
    <flow:interview name="Mention_Flow_Name" finishLocation="/{!Opportunity.Id}">
        <apex:param name="OpportunityId" value="{!Opportunity.Id}" />

In my requirement I have to create custom button on Related List Object not on parent object.In Current Salesforce Design,You can not call VF page when Button Type is List Button.So I have Used the below syntax and Bingooo,it works perfectly fine in my Case:


I have confirmed this syntax with Salesforce Tier 3 Agent.As per them,it is a valid syntax that you can use to solve this kind of requirement.


This is working as per Salesforce design. retURL won't work in Lightning Flow.

  • So what is the workaround?
    – SFDCDJ
    Commented Jan 25, 2017 at 13:56

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