I wrote a class that takes a set of ids from the Opportunity and does some actions. The Opportunity Ids are passed when the Opportunity is edited and meets the criteria.

is there a way to pass an id to the class in bulk without editing the Opportunity record?


Opportunity handler:

Set<Id> oppyid = new Set<Id>();


public static void methodstart(Set<Id> oppyis);
 //do stuff...

Of course. You don't have to edit anything. Consider this trivial example:

public static void methodStart(Set<Id> opportunityIds) { }

As long as you don't make any update, delete, or undelete calls on records gathered using these ids, there will be no edits applied to the records.

  • Cool, I was thinking do a anonymous apex to do a query of the ids and then pass them in. – Dan Wooding Jan 24 '17 at 3:20

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