I need to upload a file from the visualforce page and sent the file data to the Apex controller class. From that class I need to sent that file data to my server(Using Apex HTTP Callouts). My questions are :

  • Is there a file size limit that can be uploaded from visualforce page to the Apex Controller?

  • Is it possible to sent the file data through RemoteAction call methods from the visualforce page? Because I need the Success/Failure response to process the page further

  • How to make the Apex HTTP Callouts for sending a file from salesforce? I am familar with normal Apex HTTP Callouts, but not with the multipart HTTP Callouts


According to VF documentation

  1. You can upload max 15 MB of attachment(standard SF attachment) via VF.(There is a catch read 3rd point)
  2. You can serialize the body and send it as string in Remote action and then create blob and make Callout
  3. The tricky part , Apex doesnt support MultiPart file upload, And the max size of Callout request you can make is 6MB(sync apex) .


I would suggest you to directly upload file to your 3rd party server from VF's javascript.

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  • Thanks for the response Pranay. To upload the file to the 3rd party server directly from the VF's javascript, In my case i need to append the secret key with the Http request call, which can't be passed to VF Page due to security reasons – Muthu Jan 19 '17 at 12:21
  • I think multipart is still achievable when you set the header as req.setHeader('Content-Type', 'multipart/form-data; boundary="set your boundary value"); – user28452 Feb 6 '19 at 4:43

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