I'm trying to create a lightning tabset through an iteration. Every tab should call the controller when clicked. The SFDC Doc tells, that the Action onactive can be used for this, but it does't recognize the attribute.

<lightning:tabset >
    <aura:iteration items="{!v.Items}" var="item" indexvar="index">
        <lightning:tab label="{!item}" onactive="{!c.tabClick}">
            <ui:outputtext value="{!item}" />

it says

Failed to save undefined: The attribute "onactive" was not found on the COMPONENT markup://lightning:tab: Source

here is the link to the description


enter image description here

am I using it wrong?

Thanks and Regards

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    I just tried in my Spring '17 org and it's working fine, the onActive attribute of lightning:tab. @CarnVanBeck
    – SE_User
    Jan 18 '17 at 13:04
  • Well that would explain my problem, my Orgs are still running on Winter'17 till next month. Jan 18 '17 at 13:31
  • 1
    I was also able to reproduce the same issue in Winter '17 org. But ideally, it should've worked in Winter '17 also since the lightning:tab component was there, though in Beta version.
    – SE_User
    Jan 19 '17 at 5:25

It seems that this attribute is only available in Spring'17 and not in Winter'17.

Thanks to @SE_User for the test.

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