I have a custom object, say VF_Page_Update__c which has say, a picklist field called VF_Page_Name. This field will contain the names of some VF Pages say A,B,C,D. I also have another text field in this object called Update__c.

What I require is, say I write 'Test' in the Update__c field and choose A as the VF page Name. Then a new field will be created in the A Visualforce Page with 'Test' as the data.

Is this possible? Do I require the use of any API? If anyone is able to do this, can you please share the code for this?


That should be possible using metadata api, with wrapper service written by Andrew Fawcett.

Refer this and this post for more details.

  • Thanks for your answer Rahul, I've already gone through it, but I find everything very vague and don't know how it relates to my particular situation. Can anyone provide a more detailed answer as to how to go about this.
    – SFDC_CRM
    Jan 17 '17 at 10:06
  • Code should not be that difficult. Can you share what you have tried so far?
    – Raul
    Jan 17 '17 at 11:50

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